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Developed in conjunction with insurers, plaintiff and defense counsel, NavMed provides insurers with quality, objective, expert based “medical” reasons regarding the necessity of an Independent Medical Examination (IME) as mandated to meet the statutory requirements of the revised Insurance Act. These determinations prevent costly and unnecessary expenditures. As a neutral company, we have no conflicts of interest, and derive no financial benefit from the outcome.

NavMed’s credentialed and specially trained clinicians deliver an exclusively designed Navigational Abstract and avoid costly challenges and disputes. NavMed is not an IME company, and does not provide IMEs or paper review services. We provide Navigational Abstracts that allow insurers to comply with 38 (8)–nothing else!


Clients seek our credentialed independent physician reviewers to provide objective Navigational Abstracts to facilitate claims resolution and settlement. NavMed provides claim handlers with summative, clear and valid reasoning that satisfies “due diligence” requirements for requesting IMEs. Our Navigational Abstract outlines the necessity for an IME and the “medical” reasons for same via two channels:

In-person/house medical expert review services, with same-day report delivery.

Our medical expert will attend your offices in 4-hour block intervals to review files and produce a Navigational abstract –on the spot.

24-hour Navigational Abstract review and delivery via electronic document transfer

We receive on-line referrals and have one of our qualified medical experts provide “medical reasons” in the form of a Navigational Abstract within 24 hours.


Medical Experts

We recruit only qualified top-notch assessors across Canada to provide the specific medical reasons for the necessity of an IME. Some of our assessors are leaders in their profession and have developed leading diagnostic tools and research methodologies.

Our roster of assessors include, but is not limited to:

  • Chiropractors
  • Internal Medicine and Family Doctors
  • Psychologists
  • Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Neurologists

  • Neuropsychologists
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Physiatrists
  • Rheumatologists


NavMed provides validation for your decision making process through an objective NavMed Abstract, which is clear, succinct, and strategic. Our unique ability to create, customize and deliver navigational abstracts “on-the-spot” is unparalleled within the industry. Our NavMed technology is state of the art with leading edge capabilities and real-time encrypted tracking capabilities.

Our national team of medical experts ensure consistency from coast to coast. Our focused approach to strategic file planning and regulatory compliance, together with our unique in-person, collaborative, solutions-based methodology can be customized to suit individual company needs. Our flexibility allows us to offer customized services for specific clients, regions and market segments.

NavMed Benefits are multifold:

  • Same day or 24 hour turnaround.
  • Satisfies requirements for providing “medical and any other reason why” under section 38(8) of the Insurance Act
  • Navigational Abstracts are not paper reviews and do not affect entitlement under Sec 44 or 38 of the Insurance Act.
  • No HCAI reporting –we are not an IME company.
  • Secure, encrypted electronic document transfer.
  • Minimized exposure, improved productivity and cost reduction.


Electronic File Management

Secure document transfer expedites workflow and facilitates a rapid response times. Clients enjoy same day or 24 hour turnaround times and complete electronic management with both our in-house and electronic transfer services.
With over 30 years of insurance claims experience, we fully understand the necessity for transparency and security in the referral and workflow processes.

Customer data is protected by the industry's most advanced, virtual cloud-based computing network where cyber security and physical security are regarded with equal importance. Documents, medical records and Navigational Summaries can be uploaded or retrieved at any time, with time and date stamp tracking.


Maximum Network Availability

At NavMed we run as hard as our clients. Our virtual, private, cloud-based network operates at the industry's highest standard: 99.999% update. Our network infrastructure responds dynamically to handle whatever demands are made. We always have the capacity to process services promptly. Our co-located biometrically secure data centers house redundant mirrored servers for maximum reliability.

With NavMed at your service, you never have to look elsewhere for reliable and accurate medical review services. As our valued client, you benefit from our extensive expertise and multi-faceted approach, as well as excellent customer support at all times.

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